Forget what happened before
ERG Network is a new generation Platfrom
Store,send,receive,exchange with the fastest and most convenient Platfrom
Best Multi-Coin Crypto Platfrom
Optionally store your coins in our secure online Platfrom
Cryptocurrency Vault
Protect your coins in the vault,requiring a time amount you specify before being able to spend them
GAP600 Instant Confirmations
ERG Network supports GAP600 Instant Confirmations making Bitcoin payments faster than ever before
Upcoming blockchain conferences
November 11, 2020 | Blockchain Summit Ireland 2020 | Dublin,Ireland
November 24, 2020 | Regulation and the Law Symposium 2020 | London,UK
Top Crypto Assets In One Platfrom
Take full control of your assets and tokens by storing them on your own device
Bitcoin Cash
ERG Network Token
The ERG Network team has chosen a new format as an incentive for ERG holders and will distribute 70% of their clear profit from the ERG Network Platfrom and the D-Fex decentralized exchange.Each holder receives ETH to the address where he holds ERG tokens in proportion to the amount of ownership of the total number of tokens.ETH will be distributed for holding ERG every Sunday
ERG Network statistics for today
Number of transactions
ERG Network total profit
14,17 ETH
Payout to ERG Holders
9,91 ETH
D-Fex Exchange
We are creating a new generation exchange.Decentralization,fast order execution,instant withdrawal processing and various promotions this is D-Fex Exchange
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